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Roku TV ready soundbars descriptions

Soundbars for Roku Tv

Do you want to boost your TV’S built-in sound in an affordable way , then look no further for TCL has unveiled its latest Alto soundbars. All of the soundbars are certified as being “Roku TV Ready except the $59 Alto 3.” By Roku TV ready we mean they can integrate easily with TVs that have Roku’s TV OS used in them.How does that benefits you ? Well it allows you to control and tune these soundbars with your TV’s remote. Range in price from $79 to $299 you can get TCL’s Roku TV Ready soundbars and enjoy better sound quality.

Alto 9 Plus is at the top of the lineup , first announced at CES 2020. It’s comes with Dolby’s Atmos, which gives height to the surround sound experience. However, TCL says it’s has used “virtual height channels” to make the impression of overhead sound, and the 3.1 soundbar also has a separate wireless subwoofer rather than doing this with traditional upward-firing speakers,.it’s compatible with Chromecast and AirPlay 2 to stream content from your phone and It supports Bluetooth too. available now for $299 Alto 9 Plus is real catch.

The $179 Alto 8I is step down the lineup , which will be available for sale from next month. The difference between Alto 9 Plus and Alto 8I , according to Engadget, is that rather than having a separate unit, the 2.1-channel soundbar opts for dual internal subwoofers . Good thing is that it still comes with Dolby Atmos and has Bluetooth streaming too, but the soundbar is designed for TV’s that are 55-inches and larger.

Designed for TVs that are 40-inches in size or more, the $79 Alto 6 and $129 Alto 6 Plus are slightly smaller.But you still get Bluetooth support on both devices. Downside is that they don’t have Dolby Atmos, and dedicated subwoofer comes only with the more expensive Plus model . TCL says They’ll be available at the end of the month.

Finally, The cheapest soundbar in the range when it launches next month for $59 will be the Alto 3 . which is not Roku TV ready, neither there’s Dolby Atmos support, nor it has any dedicated subwoofer, and you don’t get that HDMI ARC input available across the rest of the range. However, the soundbar is more compact, and is designed for 32-inch TVs and larger. it includes Bluetooth streaming support just like the rest of the lineup, .

TCL has a good reputation for offering TVs that strike a good balance between price and performance, and the TV’s built-in Roku software is simple while still offering a good range of streaming services. If you want a soundbar that seamlessly integrates with an existing TCL TV, then the company’s soundbars are shaping up to be a good option.

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