Ways to create my roku account activation using roku.com/link for Roku TV?

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Are you using the roku device for streaming and facing the problem? Introducing the most followed models to setup roku account. It will be always good to select the appropriate one to avail the best features. Execute roku account activation to stream your favorite channels on Roku TV.

What Roku Streaming Device models available?

  • Roku Ultra, the ultimate streaming player
  • Streaming stick- Powerfull, portable and ultimate streaming media player
  • Roku premiere – 4K and HDR streaming media player in Roku TV
  • Premiere plus- Affordable streaming media player
  • Roku Express- Powerful HD streaming
  • Express plus- Simple and easy streaming

Features of setting up the roku.com/link setup:

  1. It will provide high performance and great value. In this, the different internet connectivity options are available named as 802.11b/g/n and 802.11 b/g/n dual-band mimo. Streaming quality is 4K ultra HD collection in order to stream the channels online on Roku TV.
  2. HDMI Port can be used to connect streaming device with TV. HDM1 and HDM2, both are compatible with latest models and audio support will be provided and will search the favorite channels easily with roku search feature.
  3. Hotel and dorm connect facilities, in which roku remote app can replace the remote models and can install this app to run on your mobile.

New to Roku.com/link setup, this roku account activation guide will help you:

If you are new to Roku TV and gadgets and do not know how to proceed with the Roku account activation, guidelines are here to help you

  • Roku account creation
  • Hardware connection
  • Roku remote pairing
  • Activating the network and Roku TV
  • Executing the guided setup steps to roku account activation
  • Device linking process using the page, Roku.com/link setup
  • Troubleshooting tips to resolve Roku account activation issues
roku.com/link setup

How to link your Roku device using the page, Roku account activation and Roku TV?

Device linking process is not a tough job

  • Login to the Roku com link account
  • Move to the Player section
  • Begin your search to find Roku com link enter code
  • Open a web browser and paste the URL, Roku .com/link setup
  • Type the code in the space that appears
  • Wait for a while until the device linking process complete
  • Use your Roku remote, navigate to the streaming channel tab

Select the live channel packages that suit your budget and requirements. It’s good that you can even record your favorite videos and contents any time

  • Hulu plus Live TV
  • DirecTV
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Play station Value

Channel apps- If you would like to access Roku channels from your mobile device, move to the app store to download the channel app. Login with the device account or TV provider account to start streaming

Do not know how to proceed with the Roku.com/link activation, get help from our Roku customer support

Resolve Roku device activation and setup issues

Common Roku error codes

Error codes are many on Roku and each of these codes represent a different issue

  • Roku Error code 009- Unable to recognize the wireless signal. Note that the device is already connected to the Router
  • Error code 001- Indicate the wrong code used for activation
  • Code 003- Software error
  • Error code 014- Wi-Fi and Internet connection issue
  • Roku error code 012-  Error code 012 popup, if you choose the wrong port to connect the Ethernet cable

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